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I'm a 27-year-old guitarist from Issaquah, Washington. All my music is written, produced and performed solely by me (using several technologies to create the textures of large and small ensembles within varied genres).  Likewise, the artwork here and on my CDs is mine.

I have been playing music for my entire life (with leisurely playing of the guitar from age 3); specifically, my classical violin studies began at age 11 with intensive study of guitar from age 15. I lived in Scottsdale, AZ for awhile (following my high school career); moved back to Issaquah, WA to go to Bellevue Community College and then transferred to Wake Forest University in January, 2002. Finished up there and moved back to Washington (Kirkland this time) in the Spring of 2005 to pursue a music career track. I lived in Kirkland nearly a year, looking to book any and every opportunity to play before an audience.  I moved back to North Carolina in January 2006, continuing my music career. 

I use a slew of equipment (per technicalities) to record and perform; always compiling more, to constantly and dependably muscle, push and intensify the degrees of virtuosity in my recordings and performances. CDs are available for purchase at all shows; I hope the music is enjoyable for all! Comments and questions are always welcome, see my guest book page. John


PS:  See for additional info, photos and audio clips.